Fall Festival in America?

In America, the festivities of Thanksgiving continue to rage on as the middle of October rolls around. Some see it as a happy event to welcome in the holiday season. It is a time for eating turkey, pumpkin pie, and other goodies we have been eating all year long. Others view it as one of those occasions that are forced upon us. 

fall festivals

A closer examination of what occurs on this special day will reveal the answer. Thanksgiving is a happy day set apart from the harsh realities of cold weather. It is a day for eating home-cooked meals made with love and attention. It is a day where many people sit around the campfire roasting hot dogs, munching on the pumpkin pie, and watching the sun go down. Fall FestivalsĀ is a day we spend with family and close ones, spreading smiles and enjoying the warmth of each other’s company.

So why does this festival exist in one of the most populated areas in America? Many people believe it is due to an abundance of settlers coming to the Americas in the mid eighteen hundreds. These men and their families had the difficult task of starting a new life in a strange land. They were not fully prepared for life here and so spent time hard at work creating a better life for their family. This included trading with other cultures and showing hospitality to people they met on their journey.

The hard work paid off when these people began building homes. Native Americans made baskets from natural materials such as twigs, pine needles and grasses. Those baskets were used to collect food and gifts. As winter approached, they used the baskets to store their belongings until it was time to start living in the big city. They made fireplaces out of hollowed-out logs and made water fountains from stone. Eventually, they discovered fire was stronger than water so they gathered wood and built fires around their tents.

From very early on, the United States had currency. It was created by the Europeans and was used to buy and sell goods. In exchange for U.S. money, Native American tribes were able to make blankets, clothes, and tools. This helped them improve their way of life. By the time the nation was established, there were many settlements established along rivers, lakes, and in the wilderness areas.

The Native Americans had a godly day known as “Thanksgiving Day”. They honored their Creator with a feast of fruits, nuts, candy, and many other things. As the days grew, they made the holiday into an annual event. They took over the towns and made them places of worship. They offered prayers and dances and feasted upon their grain, which was their source of food.

This festival became popular with the passage of time and many regions of the country continued to celebrate it. By the nineteenth century, the U.S. had incorporated many European traditions and this included the European-inspired “Thanksgiving Day”. In fact, this particular festival became very popular, especially among the South and the Midwest. Today, Thanksgiving remains a joyful day when family members gather together to share thanks and love.

The reason for the celebration of Halloween is still a mystery to many people. One thing is for sure, however, that the people of America enjoy trick or treating. There are probably even more traditions surrounding the fall festivities. Some of these traditions include carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns; wearing pumpkin-shaped costumes; eating pumpkin pie and sharing pumpkin bread. Why we celebrate fall festival in America? Because of the hard work and the traditions of the settlers and the Indians that made America what it is today.